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Interactive Driving Evaluation

Interested in knowing how visual, mental and physical conditions may affect your safety as a driver? The AAA Roadwise Review interactive driving evaluation can help. The confidential self-evaluation program features a series of computer-based exercises that can be completed in 30 to 45 minutes and help you identify steps to reduce driving risks in eight key areas.


Enables you to accelerate and brake under regular conditions and respond quickly in emergencies.
Allows you to check blind spots when you back up, change lanes or merge into traffic.
Helps you detect pavement markings, read road signs and spot hazards in or near the road.
Enables you to maintain lane position and reduce driving risks in rain, dusk, haze or fog.
Helps you follow directions, remember traffic rules and regulations and make good decisions as you drive.
Enables you to recognize and anticipate a threat or hazard, even when part of it is hidden from view.
Allows you to pay attention to what’s in front of you while also detecting threats at the edge of your field of view.
Enables you to scan the driving environment and recognize traffic signs, signals, navigational landmarks and hazards.

Your self-evaluation is based on both accuracy and speed of responses – and results are 100 percent confidential. Once you complete the interactive driving evaluation, you will receive feedback on each area, along with suggestions to reduce driving risks while behind the wheel. It’s recommended that you take the self-evaluation yearly, to help identify any changes in ability.

AAA Roadwise Review is available online at no cost, or you can contact your local AAA club for more information.