When it was time to renew my driver's license I was instructed to have Cataract Surgery on my eyes. Now that I am about to have my last eye done, I am interested in renewing my Driver’s License again. What are my chances of being granted a license renewal?

— Desert Hot Springs, Ca.,

Now that you have taken steps to correct your vision, your next step is to return to the DMV for testing. Many states require you to bring in a form completed by your eye doctor to verify that you were examined before they will consider license renewal.

Once you are at the DMV, they will probably retest your vision, and some may require an in-vehicle test. Your license renewal will depend on how you perform on those tests.

AAA has a self-screening tool that might help you evaluate strengths and weaknesses in your driving, as well as identify potential areas for improvement. More information to that tool and a link to the program can be found here.

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