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Improve Your Driving Skills

Increased speed, dense traffic, poor weather, distractions, stress and fatigue all place demands on senior drivers – and their presence can lead to mistakes and situations that increase crash risk. This is why it is important to keep your driving skills sharp.


Prepare for a Drive

Before you head down the road, there are a few things you will want to do first to hone your driving skills. Learn More »

Everyday Driving Challenges

Through a few simple actions, you can handle common challenges on the roadway, from left turns and roundabouts, to large trucks and aggressive drivers. Learn More »

Driving in Bad Weather

Bad weather can be added risk when you're on the road. Follow these tips to manage adverse conditions. Learn More »

Handle Unexpected Situations

You can prepare yourself to deal with unexpected roadway situations, such as vehicle failure, challenging traffic conditions and crashes. Learn More »

Driver Improvement Courses for Seniors

Increase your confidence and awareness behind the wheel by taking an online or classroom driver safety course. Learn More »