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Everyday Driving Challenges

Driving safely is a complex and often demanding task, even for an experienced senior driver, but driving challenges do arise. Many driving situations offer limited choices, so sometimes deciding what action to take is simple.

Left-Hand Turns

Crossing oncoming traffic always poses some risk. You can minimize that risk. Learn More »


Roundabouts can appear confusing to navigate. Handle them with confidence following these driving tips. Learn More »

Driving Around Big Trucks

Driving near large trucks can be a driving challenge. Effectively manage this risky situation. Learn More »

Driving at Night

Night driving always poses some risks to drivers. You can minimize them. Learn More »

Yielding the Right of Way

Did you know the right of way must be given, not taken? Learn More »

Backing and Parking

Backing and parking your vehicle poses several driving challenges, ranging from physical to spatial and visual. Learn More »

Dealing with Aggressive Drivers

Aggressive drivers can be a menace on the road, but there are ways to safely deal with them. Learn More »