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Prepare for a Drive

From inspecting a vehicle to getting properly positioned in the driver’s seat, there are numerous things mature drivers can do to reduce risk and safely prepare for a drive.

Adjusting to New Vehicles and Rental Cars

With any vehicle that is new to you, such as a rental car, you will want to make adjustments to optimize your fit with the vehicle when you prepare for a drive. Initial seat, steering, mirror and other components likely won’t be set to your preferences. It only takes a few minutes to make these adjustments (see below), and can really pay off in terms of comfort, visibility and overall safety.

Pre-drive Vehicle Inspection

As you approach your vehicle to prepare for a drive, walk around it and look for things that may be an issue, such as a broken taillight, fluids under your vehicle or an under-inflated tire. Learn More »

Your Body's Fit with the Vehicle

Achieving a good fit between your body and a vehicle is very important to safe driving, and it involves seating position, head rests, steering wheel grip and more. Learn More »

How to Use & Adjust Your Mirrors

Are your mirrors properly adjusted to reduce blind spots and enhance situational awareness? Learn More »

Using Your Safety Belt

Safety belts save lives, and every occupant in your vehicle needs to wear one. Add buckling up to your list as you prepare for a drive. Learn More »