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Maintain Mobility & Independence

Whether it’s sharpening your mind and keeping your body fit, choosing the right vehicle to maximize comfort and safety, refreshing your driving skills or finding ways to get around when driving is no longer a safe option, there are numerous ways you can stay active and on the go.

Keep Your Mind & Body Fit

Strength, coordination, flexibility and reaction times all have a major impact on your ability to drive safely. Understand the symptoms of decreased physical and mental fitness and what you can do about them. Learn More »

Driver Improvement Courses For Seniors

Increase your confidence and awareness behind the wheel by taking an online or classroom driver safety course. Learn More »

Car Buying, Maintenance & Assistive Accessories

Selecting and maintaining a vehicle with special features can make a big difference in your comfort and safety while driving. Aftermarket options can also help. Learn More »

Other Ways to Get Around

Public transportation, carpooling and volunteer driver programs are just a few ways to stay connected without driving. Plan now for a time when driving may no longer be an option. Learn More »