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Other Ways to Get Around

Driving is just one way to stay mobile. Depending on where you live, there could be a variety ways to get around without driving. Even if you simply want to drive less often, why not check into transportation services other than asking your family or friends to drive you?


Sharing a ride with friends or neighbors is a great way to get around without driving. It’s also very cost-effective and great for the environment. If a ridesharing transportation service isn’t available in your community, consider organizing one yourself. Learn More »

Public Transportation

If you never or rarely use city buses, trams and subway systems, doing so can be intimidating. Build up your comfort level to prepare for a time when it make sense to limit or stop driving. Learn More »

Local Transportation Services

If you cannot afford a taxi or have trouble walking to a bus stop or getting into a shuttle van without assistance, consider using low-cost, community-based transportation services called supplemental transportation programs (STPs). Learn More »

Paratransit Services

If you have a disability that prevents you from using fixed-route buses or other forms of mass transit, paratransit services featuring specially equipped shuttles might be the right transportation service for you. Learn More »