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Resources for Family & Friends

You may be concerned about your mom or dad driving, but as a group, senior drivers are actually among the safest on the road today. Compared with others, they are less likely to speed or drive after drinking, and more likely to buckle their safety belts.

And as your parents or other seniors in your life age, you can help senior drivers maintain mobility by initiating a conversation about safe driving, chauffeuring them when you can or helping them become familiar with public transportation options.

This can be a difficult issue, and AAA has tools and resources you can use to effectively and compassionately help the senior drivers in your life. Before starting a conversation about driving, know the facts about older drivers and how you can assist them.

Know When to be Concerned

Decisions about a person’s ability to continue getting behind the wheel shouldn’t rely on a single warning sign. Look for patterns of common warning signs and the amount of danger they pose to the senior driver and others. Learn More »

Conversations About Driving

Approaching older adults to discuss concerns about their safety as drivers can be daunting and uncomfortable. For a productive conversation, stick to the facts and remain positive and respectful. Learn More »

Help Seniors Stay Independent

Most adults will be safe to drive well into their 70s, 80s and 90s, but some may need to find other ways to get around. A variety of transportation options can assist. Learn More »