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Understand Mind & Body Changes

The natural process of aging can affect your vision, hearing, reaction time and mental fitness. And, as a senior driver, that means it also can affect your driving abilities and even increase risk of a traffic crash. Since these changes can occur very slowly, you’ll want to evaluate them early and often – before putting yourself and others at risk.

This doesn’t mean you have to give up an active lifestyle, though. Dealing with these changes and adhering to a few simple guidelines can make you a wiser senior driver.


Vision changes and common vision problems affect senior driving abilities, particularly at age 60 and up. Learn More »


Understanding how hearing loss and impairment affect driving can keep you safer on the road. Learn More »

Reaction Time

Over the years, a person's reaction times decline. Adjustments can be made to accommodate these changes. Learn More »

Medical Conditions & Medications

Medical conditions and medications can affect driving abilities, but you can reduce risks. Learn More »

Mind & Cognition

Keeping your mind fit is important for healthy aging and safe driving. Learn More »