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A driver’s eyesight is critical in preventing car crashes, because nearly all the sensory input you need to drive a car comes from visual cues. If your eyesight is diminished, so is your ability to drive safely. This is especially important to senior drivers.

That’s why most states require motorists to undergo vision tests as part of the driver’s license renewal process. Depending on where you live, you may have a vision test in person at a state licensing office or submit results of a vision test performed by an eye doctor.

Light Requirements

As you age, senior drivers need more light to see – especially while driving. You can make adjustments to minimize the effects. Learn More »

Sharpness of Vision & Changing Focus

Your eyes may take longer to change focus when looking between objects that are close and farther away. Improve your ability to focus on what matters most on the road. Learn More »

Driving at Night & Managing Glare

Driving at night and encountering glare present additional challenges for drivers – add the effects of aging, and risks can increase substantially. There are ways senior drivers can manage them. Learn More »

Common Vision Problems

Vision gradually gets worse over time, and changes are hard to notice. That’s why it’s important for senior drivers to have annual vision tests. Three of the most common eye conditions related to aging are glaucoma, macular degeneration and cataracts. Learn More »