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Driving Around Big Trucks

Drivers of large trucks have very limited visibility and large blind areas around them, which means they might not be able to see you. Due to this, driving around large trucks can be a driving challenge and may be even more difficult in poor weather conditions.

When driving around large trucks:

  • Avoid traveling alongside or close behind a truck. When a truck is backing, do not pass behind it. The driver may not see you or hear your horn.
  • Do not pass a truck on the right when approaching an intersection. A large truck making a right turn sometimes swings wide so the trailer can clear the curb or other objects in its path. In a wide swing, the truck may turn to the left a bit before turning right or swing into the oncoming traffic lane after a turn. It is important to provide large trucks ample room to negotiate turns.
  • Be sure to allow plenty of clearance between your vehicle and large trucks. Because of their size, large trucks create wind currents that can affect nearby vehicles. These currents can threaten your vehicle’s stability when you are close. This is an even greater driving challenge when you are riding a motorcycle, towing a trailer or other object, or traveling on slick roadways.