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What is a roundabout?

A modern roundabout is small, compared to traffic circles and rotaries. Roundabouts have a raised entry “splitter” island that slows down or constrains speed just before entry, duplicating the curvature the driver will experience within the roundabout itself. Vehicles in the circular roadway have right of way. Some senior drivers find roundabouts to be a driving challenge.

How to drive a roundabout:

  • As you approach a roundabout, there will be a YIELD sign and dashed yield limit line. Slow down, watch for pedestrians and bicyclists and be prepared to stop if necessary.
  • When you enter a roundabout, yield to circulating traffic on the left, but do not stop if the way is clear.
  • A conventional roundabout will have ONE-WAY signs in the center island that help guide traffic and indicate that you must drive to the right of the island.
  • Left turns are completed by traveling around the central island of the roundabout and making a right exit.