Find the Right Vehicle for You


AAA-Smart-Features-Brochure-ButtonA vehicle is one of the largest purchases a person makes, and it is critical to find the right one for you. To help older drivers know what to look for in a vehicle, AAA worked with the University of Florida Institute for Mobility, Activity, and Participation to help identify smart features for older drivers (SFOD) to optimize their comfort and safety. Use the tool at the bottom of the page to explore these smart features.

Our expert team recommends you consider the following factors when choosing the right vehicle:

  • Safety features, such as seat belts and the positions and types of airbags.
  • Ergonomics, or design features, that reduce operator fatigue and discomfort, such as adjustable pedals and seats.
  • Comfort, such as ease of entry and exit, legroom and size of control buttons.
  • Value, which incorporates the total cost of ownership including price, operating and maintenance costs, as well as reliability, fuel economy and resale value.

In addition, a variety of adaptive features can help compensate for physical changes or simply to make the vehicle fit you more comfortably and safely. Explore these smart features with the tool below.

Classic Car Design
I/P Contrast
Automatic Wipers
Visors And Extendable Sun Visors
Larger Audio And Climate Controls With Contrasting Text
I/P Contrast
Auto-Dimming Mirrors
Adjustable Steering Wheel (height and telescoping)
Wide Angle Mirror
Adjustable Lumbar Support
Heated Seats
Adjustable Height Seat Belt
Auto Tailgate
Power Side Doors
Heated Side Mirrors
Rear Visibility
Rear Back-up Camera
Active Parallel Park Assistance
Front or Rear Sensors
Emergency Brake w/foot engagement & disengagement
Four Door Models
Thick Steering Wheel
Keyless Entry
Power Mirrors
Larger Dashboard Controls With Buttons
Keyless Ignition
Auto Tailgate
Power Side Doors
Heated Side Mirrors
Gear Select
Automatic Wipers
Adjustable Foot Pedals
Adjustable Steering Wheel (height / * / telescoping)
Six-Way Adjustable Seats
Power Seats
Six-Way Adjustable Seats
Seat Height And Comfort
Low Door Threshold Minimal Sill Width
Leather or Pleather Seats
Adjustable Foot Pedals