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Local Transportation Services

If you cannot afford a taxi or it is difficult to walk to a bus stop, get into a shuttle van or go to a physician’s office without assistance, consider using local programs called supplemental transportation programs or STPs. These are low-cost, community-based informal transportation services for seniors and are highly responsive to individual needs.

Most STPs function independently and are not government-affiliated. They are staffed by volunteers and funded through grants and donations.

When selecting a senior-friendly program in your community, look for:

Choose transportation service programs that provide service when you need it. Can you get rides on evenings, weekdays and/or weekends?
Choose transprotation service programs that you can reach and navigate. Are bus stairs negotiable? Are seats high enough? Does the vehicle come to your home? Are transit stops reachable?
Choose transportation service programs that are clean and safe. Is the vehicle that picks you up clean? Are transit stops located in safe areas? Are drivers courteous and helpful?
Choose transportation service programs that you can afford. Always ask if vouchers or coupons are available to help reduce out-of-pocket expenses.
Choose transportation service programs that are willing and able to meet your special needs. Can the vehicle accommodate a wheelchair? Will the driver make multiple stops for you? Are escorts available to assist you if necessary?

Find Local Transportation Alternatives