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Public Transportation

Where available, city buses, trams and subway systems are great ways to get around without driving. Contact your local or regional transportation authority to determine which public transit options are offered and at what cost.

If you never or only rarely use public transit, doing so could be intimidating. Build up your comfort level to prepare for a time when driving is no longer an option.

Using public transit systems

  • Look at the distance you’ll need to walk to the bus stop or subway platform, as well as seating along the route in case you get tired.
  • Stay safe by ensuring the bus stop or subway platform has good lighting and other people around. Also look for covered waiting areas in case of bad weather.
  • Don’t forget to consider your return trip. If you make a trip to the supermarket and will need to carry groceries home, you may become too tired and need assistance.
  • Try making a few trips with someone who is very familiar with the system. This person can show you how to travel the routes you’ll need and how much each route will cost. This should make your first trip alone on public transit much more manageable and less intimidating.


Find Local Transportation Alternatives