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Help Seniors Stay Independent

Is your parent or another senior in your life ready to limit or stop driving? Depending on where they live, seniors often have many ways to get around without driving, including such transportation services as shuttles, public transport and rides from family and friends. And even if they simply want to drive less often, there might be additional options available besides asking family or friends to help.

Finding out more about local mobility choices – even before they are needed – can allow you to help a senior driver plan for the day when it makes sense to limit or stop driving, just like planning ahead for financial and health care needs in retirement.


Sharing a ride with friends or neighbors is one way for seniors who need to limit or stop driving. It’s also very cost-effective and great for the environment. Learn more >>

Public Transportation

When available, city buses, trams and subway systems are great ways to get around. Consider helping the older driver in your life build up a comfort level with public transportation services to prepare for a time when he or she may have to limit or stop driving. Learn more >>

Local Transportation Services

If the cost of a taxi or difficulty walking to a bus stop is an obstacle to using public transit, a senior could benefit from using low-cost, community-based informal transportation services called supplemental transportation programs (STPs). Learn more >>

Special Services

If a senior has a disability that prevents riding fixed-route buses or other forms of mass transit, paratransit services via specially equipped shuttles might be a solution. Learn more >>