A rapidly growing number of senior drivers on our nation’s highways has prompted many states to develop special tools, programs and resources to assist older adults and their families to better manage safe driving.

Many states also have enacted driver’s licensing laws with special provisions for older adults. Summarized below are programs and licensing laws that exist in the great state of Idaho.

Licensing policies for older adults vary from state to state. In Idaho, motorists are required to renew their driver’s licenses every four or eight years, at the option of the motorist. At every in-person renewal, a person must pass a vision test. Up to age 70, a person may renew by mail every other renewal or every eight years. However, the renewal process for older adults requires the following:

  • More frequent renewal. People age 63 and older are required to renew their driver’s licenses every four years.
  • Limited renewal options. People age 70 and older must apply in person for every renewal.

Almost every state, including Idaho, has a process for reporting a potentially unsafe driver to its licensing office or department of motor vehicles. Law enforcement officers and physicians represent the majority of individuals submitting reports, although concerned citizens also can do so. If a state agency finds a complaint reasonable and credible, it may ask the reported driver to submit additional information, which could be used to help determine if a screening or assessment is justified.

Visit the Idaho Division of Motor Vehicles website or call (208) 334-8735 to learn more about the process and possible outcomes. You will be required to provide your name and contact information.



Drivers under age 62 can renew their licenses for four or eight years. After age 62, a license can only be renewed for four years. Drivers who are 62 or older are generally required to renew licenses in person at a local DMV office. All Idaho drivers must take a vision test at renewal. In addition, older drivers may be asked to take a skills test and medical examination, if an examiner deems it necessary. Review the Idaho Drivers Handbook and take practice tests before going for your license renewal. Call Driver Services at (208) 334-8735 for further queries. Learn more >>



Six Area Offices on Aging provide services defined in the Older Americans Act for Idahoans over age 60. This state agency covers many age-related issues and specific ones for transportation services, including transportation to some meal sites, reducing isolation, promoting independence and assisting persons who have difficulties using regular transportation. Learn more >>



Early planning, communication, skills assessment and education are key to preserving safe mobility of senior drivers. One resource is the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety publication How to Help an Older Driver. Learn more >>



Occupational therapy practitioners can help you evaluate overall ability to operate a motor vehicle. Learn more >>



Whether you’re looking for an assessment tool like AAA’s Roadwise Review or a course to hone your existing driving skills to earn an insurance premium discount, check out available resources. Learn more >>