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Senior Driver Expo

AAA’s National Senior Driver Expo Tour takes to the road to help older adults and their families deal with safety and mobility challenges related to... Read More »

Deal With Negative Reactions

Sometimes, an older driver’s fear of having to depend on others to get around will override your efforts to be caring and supportive. Alternatively,... Read More »

Plan Ahead

Because driving is closely tied to freedom and independence, acknowledging the possibility of one day being unable to drive is difficult for almost an... Read More »

Driving & Common Medical Conditions

Driving is a complex, fast-paced activity. In fact, a typical driver makes 20 decisions per mile, with less than half a second to respond to changes i... Read More »

Driving & Medications

Medications can keep people feeling fit and healthy longer than ever before. But some can impair driving, especially if used in combination with other... Read More »