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State Laws

Information on safe driving assistance programs and licensing laws can be found by clicking on the map.... Read More »

See All Available Resources

[wpdm-all-packages items_per_page="5" categories="Address Concerns About Your Health & Driving, Regulate Your Own Driving, Discover How Aging Impacts ... Read More »

Help Seniors Stay Independent

Is your parent or another senior in your life ready to limit or stop driving? Depending on where they live, seniors often have many ways to get around... Read More »

Facts & Research

Seniors are safe drivers compared to other age groups, since they often reduce risk of injury by wearing safety belts, observing speed limits, and not... Read More »

Conversations About Driving

Initiating a conversation about safe driving with an older driver, especially a parent, is challenging for most people. Concerns about offending or al... Read More »