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Roadwise RX

Eight out of ten senior drivers age 65 and older take medications on a regular basis. And despite high prescription and over-the-counter medication us... Read More »

Common Medical Conditions

Increasing age brings a greater likelihood of having at least one medical condition that could affect your safety while driving. If you have one or mo... Read More »

Manage Slower Reaction Times

Driving is a complex, fast-paced activity. For senior drivers, reaction time depends on your ability to process information in the driving environment... Read More »

Common Vision Problems

Vision, like other senses, gradually declines over time. Because changes may be hard to notice, it’s important to have annual vision tests. Common e... Read More »

Driving at Night & Managing Glare

Driving at night presents challenges for all drivers. Senior drivers can face substantially increased risk, because of decreased visual distance and s... Read More »