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Paratransit Services

If you have a disability that prevents you from using fixed-route buses or other forms of mass transit, paratransit services might help you get around... Read More »

Local Transportation Services

If you cannot afford a taxi or it is difficult to walk to a bus stop, get into a shuttle van or go to a physician’s office without assistance, consi... Read More »

Public Transportation

Where available, city buses, trams and subway systems are great ways to get around without driving. Contact your local or regional transportation auth... Read More »

Take a Local Defensive Driving Course

AAA Mature Operator courses are defensive driving courses designed to meet the information needs and interests of senior drivers over 55 years of age.... Read More »

Physical Fitness

As we age, some decline in physical fitness is inevitable. But scientific research shows that after age 30, sedentary people begin to lose their capac... Read More »