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Driving Around Big Trucks

Drivers of large trucks have very limited visibility and large blind areas around them, which means they might not be able to see you. Due to this, dr... Read More »


What is a roundabout? A modern roundabout is small, compared to traffic circles and rotaries. Roundabouts have a raised entry “splitter” island... Read More »

Using Your Safety Belt

Lap and shoulder safety belts, when properly adjusted, are among the most important safety features in a motor vehicle. When worn properly, safety bel... Read More »

How to Use & Adjust Your Mirrors

Good visual search habits require proper positioning and use of mirrors located inside and outside a vehicle. Using the settings below, you can see wh... Read More »

Your Body’s Fit with the Vehicle

A driver’s position in a vehicle is critical when it comes to driving control. Proper positioning allows drivers greater steering control, as well a... Read More »