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Physical Fitness

As we age, some decline in physical fitness is inevitable. But scientific research shows that after age 30, sedentary people begin to lose their capac... Read More »

Mental Fitness Techniques

While older minds may be just as sharp as younger ones, they often react more slowly. On the average, the human brain begins to slow down slightly be... Read More »

What to do After a Crash

Car crashes can happen to even the most experienced drivers, so it’s good to know what to do after a crash. Ensure you have all your bases covered: ... Read More »

Avoiding Crashes & Emergency Maneuvers

Car crashes aren’t really “accidents,” because almost every collision is preventable. In an emergency situation where you might crash into anoth... Read More »

Smoke & Sandstorms

Smoke from forest or brush fires can be dangerous to drive through, because it can occur suddenly, without warning, and be very dense. Likewise, cloud... Read More »