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Your Body’s Fit with the Vehicle

A driver’s position in a vehicle is critical when it comes to driving control. Proper positioning allows drivers greater steering control, as well a... Read More »

Pre-drive Vehicle Inspection

To safely enter your vehicle and prepare it for safe and efficient operation, perform the pre-driving checklists below every time you prepare for a dr... Read More »

State Laws on Medication Use & Driving

“Driving under the influence” doesn’t just refer to the influence of alcohol. Most state laws do not differentiate between alcohol and other dru... Read More »

How Medications Can Affect Driving

Two-thirds of senior drivers age 65 and older take five or more daily medications that can affect their ability to drive safely. Prescription and o... Read More »

Roadwise RX

Eight out of ten senior drivers age 65 and older take medications on a regular basis. And despite high prescription and over-the-counter medication us... Read More »