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Roadwise RX

Eight out of ten senior drivers age 65 and older take medications on a regular basis. And despite high prescription and over-the-counter medication use, almost half of senior drivers using medications have never talked with their health care providers about how the drugs might affect their safe driving abilities.

Roadwise Rx is a free, confidential tool developed by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety that adults can use to explore how medications may affect safe driving.

How it works

Roadwise Rx offers a way for you to record all of your medications in one central location. It also provides customized feedback on how your prescription and over-the-counter drugs, herbal supplements and foods, as well as their interactions with each other, can affect safe driving.


Launch Roadwise RX

Simply begin typing in the name of your medication, prescription or over-the-counter, by its brand or generic name. Roadwise Rx will provide you a list of matching medications from which you can select your medication with one quick click. Users can enter multiple medications, as well as herbal supplements.

While most medications do not interfere with the ability to drive safely, some common medications can have side effects that impact safety behind the wheel. Drowsiness, confusion, and blurred vision are examples of side effects that directly impact your ability to drive safely.

Roadwise Rx highlights the potential driving effects of your medications, in addition to showing users the potential interactions their medications may have with other medications or with common foods.

After getting your confidential results, you can print or e-mail them to share with your doctor or pharmacist, rather than bringing your health care provider a brown paper bag with your medications and supplements. Roadwise Rx allows you to “virtually” pool your medications for a more efficient and thorough review.

In addition, you can print out and keep a copy of your medication list in your purse or wallet, so it’s available in the event of an emergency. Having a detailed, easily accessible list of medications and dosages can be a lifesaving measure.

By bringing your medication listing and your Roadwise Rx results to your doctor, your doctor can help you optimize your medication dosage and timing to maximize your ability to drive safely.